• He released a brand new teaser for "Fifty Shades Darker"

    The creators of the film "Fifty Shades Darker" released a fresh teaser, which takes place underneath the song Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift's I actually do not Want to Live Forever.

    In the film, as with the last, the key role is played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. In addition , within the sequel, starring Kim Basinger, Bella Heathcote, Tyler Heklin and others.

    Twenty-six in January 2017 around the official channel of the singer Taylor Swift on video sharing YouTube clip appeared devoted to them with Zayn Malik composition that became the opening theme of the newest film about the adventures of the young businessman, billionaire, I enjoy BDSM, Christian Grey magnificent lover Anastacia Steele.

    Himself a movie filmed in stylish colors from the film "Fifty shades of gray", Despite its darkness, the clip looks very bright and colorful, as paradoxical as it may sound. Commentators from YouTube sharing speak about which a new video has turned crowded suffering, love along with other strong feelings.

    Just a couple of days it has raised a lot more than seventeen million unique views, and it figures only official channel of Taylor Swift.

    Watch Fifty Shades Darker Full Movie Online Free. Director - James Foley. The film will be released February 10, 2017